I’ve just sold the best guitar I’ve ever had.

Even though I decided after a whole lot of soul searching to, first, leave Big G, then leave Tri – our successful final gig was 3 weeks ago – (I quit for all kinds of reasons, but mainly because I can’t afford the time to be in a band) I had the vague hope that one day I’d be in a band again – even though I also considered giving up playing altogether. I hoped, then, to hold on to my gear and not sell it. Well, our usual, constant precarious financial situation means that I had to decide last night to sell my guitar and amp. Within the space of 15 minutes of advertising my guitar to a small but select group of folks, I had a firm offer very close to my asking price for the best guitar I’ve ever owned, my ESP Telecaster. So today, after a restless night, I delivered her to her new owner, a talented young friend Tom Atkinson. He promises me he’ll look after her.
I’m back considering giving up playing altogether.


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