Klaus Voorman 8-string bass/guitar

vootar.jpg image by turquoisemoleeater 

I’ve been watching the Klaus Voorman DVD – Sideman’s Journey  (fantastic!) – and on it he plays this 8-string bass/guitar. This is the only picture I can find, and at the moment I can’t find any more info – it looks and sounds interesting on the DVD, though.
Update – it is a Vootar – designed by Klaus in 1965 and currently being developed by Cassandra Elk, where there is much more detail about the construction.

On this instrument you can play bass and guitar on one neck. Of course that is if you can play the guitar! Four strings bass to a bass-amp and completely separated–four strings guitar to a guitar amplifier. So you can have any effect you desire on the guitar at the same time with no interference–a nice clean bass sound.

I thought this instrument up in 1965. The first instrument was built by the English firm Vox. Today, together with Stuart from Cassandra Elk instruments Vootar 4 is being developed.

This instrument is particularly useful for when you play in a small band like I did with  Paddy, Klaus & Gibson so you can accompany the guitarist with bass and rhythm guitar whilst the drummer is freaking out. 


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