Blues Show Returns on BishopFM 105.9

Yesterday BishopFM ( launched on FM (105.9) We have an FM licence for 5 years and are able to reach over 60,000 potential listeners from our base in the heart of Bishop Auckland. We’ll be looking into securing funding for internet streaming in the new year too. 

I’m very pleased about this because it means that the Blues Show returns tomorrow night from 9-10pm.
As we are in the early stages of putting together our schedule there may be some changes over the next few weeks – I’m hoping to get a 2 hour slot again and we will certainly be having guests when we are settled in our new premises – in a pub!

I’d be interested to hear from folks who can manage to catch the show tomorrow night – I’d like to know how far the signal reaches so if you do tune in please send me an email during the show to

The Blues Show has a myspace page: which I’ll update with playlists etc.


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