ToneRite plays your guitar in for you.

ToneRite is a device that fits to your guitar (other instruments available) and “plays it in” to give it better tone. It is generally accepted that as instruments age and are played, their tone improves. I know that my 30-odd year old acoustic has a certain body, warmth and resonance that I haven’t noticed when playing new acoustic guitars.

 The secret behind the ToneRite® is its ability to continually produce and efficiently transfer vibrational energy into an instrument, safely recreating and magnifying the physics that occur naturally while playing. This stimulation produces a change to the integrated components within an instrument and increases their ability to resonate together as a whole. The result is added volume and instruments that are easier to play with a sound that is more full and balanced. Not only will your instrument sound better but the notes themselves will come easier, allowing you to play more difficult passages with less fatigue.”
I wonder if I can get one that will change the strings for me?


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