Tribal Guitar tattoo

My friend Steve (guitar player with Steve Gilroy Band, Dirty South, Knights In Satans Service) has this tribal guitar tattoo which was designed by his wife Jules and inked by Jimmy at Viking Tattoo, Jarrow. Very nice! Want!


If funds allowed it, I’d be a be a huge Apple fanboy. As it is, I have a 30gb iPod and a 1st Generation tangerine iMac (on the table behind me). I did own an awful Performa 6200 (the only performa not to buy) but I completely upgraded it to something else entirely, before I was drawn to the Dark Side. To keep my cravings sated, however sad it may seem, I’ve just sent for some of these, before Apple send a Cease & Desist letter.

Adrian Legg – Cajun Interlude

I saw Adrian a long long time ago at Darlington Arts Centre. He was using tunings and pedals long before the current crop of guitar bashers. He is an awesome player – he does quite well in the US but should be a star here in the UK too – had a bit of a chat with him then too – a top bloke.

This never fails to amaze, exasperate and move me.