If funds allowed it, I’d be a be a huge Apple fanboy. As it is, I have a 30gb iPod and a 1st Generation tangerine iMac (on the table behind me). I did own an awful Performa 6200 (the only performa not to buy) but I completely upgraded it to something else entirely, before I was drawn to the Dark Side. To keep my cravings sated, however sad it may seem, I’ve just sent for some of these, before Apple send a Cease & Desist letter.

Adrian Legg – Cajun Interlude

I saw Adrian a long long time ago at Darlington Arts Centre. He was using tunings and pedals long before the current crop of guitar bashers. He is an awesome player – he does quite well in the US but should be a star here in the UK too – had a bit of a chat with him then too – a top bloke.

This never fails to amaze, exasperate and move me.