They do say that the best ideas are usually the simplest – and this is a great idea!
When I’m playing my Telecaster (already fitted with a Kickstand by the same manufacturer) or my acoustic guitar I need to have my brass slide close to hand – but where to keep it? Sometimes I remember to put it in my left hand back pocket, so I can just slip my hand in and come out with it on my finger. Sometimes if I’m lucky I have some kind of table nearby to hold my bits and bobs like my slide, harmonicas, capo. But often, just at the moment that I need my slide, I realise that it is in my front pocket, buried beneath a handful of loose change and spare thumbpicks – or it rolls off the nearby table onto the floor. I even stuck some velcro on my acoustic guitar strap and on the back of my harmonica to hold it in place – but I often miss it when I try to grab it in the middle of a song – and velcro won’t work with my slide.

When I got an email from Greg Kellogg telling me about his latest invention, I had to take a look. The Giganizor is a simple solution to the kind of problem I’ve just been describing – it clips easily onto your guitar strap and holds slide, capos, I dare say I could fit a blues harp in there too! I’d certainly use this on both of my guitars, though I don’t think it is available in the UK yet.

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