Gigs this weekend at Barney Big Bash

I’m playing with 2 bands at this weekend long festival. On Friday night Tri are on at around 9pm before our friends Blind Summat finish the night off.

On Saturday afternoon, from 12 noon to around 4pm, Big G will be providing the entertainment in the main marquee between the other acts on the bill. Should be fun! If you are in the area, drop in and say “Hi!” or “Get your tash cut!” or something.



They do say that the best ideas are usually the simplest – and this is a great idea!
When I’m playing my Telecaster (already fitted with a Kickstand by the same manufacturer) or my acoustic guitar I need to have my brass slide close to hand – but where to keep it? Sometimes I remember to put it in my left hand back pocket, so I can just slip my hand in and come out with it on my finger. Sometimes if I’m lucky I have some kind of table nearby to hold my bits and bobs like my slide, harmonicas, capo. But often, just at the moment that I need my slide, I realise that it is in my front pocket, buried beneath a handful of loose change and spare thumbpicks – or it rolls off the nearby table onto the floor. I even stuck some velcro on my acoustic guitar strap and on the back of my harmonica to hold it in place – but I often miss it when I try to grab it in the middle of a song – and velcro won’t work with my slide.

When I got an email from Greg Kellogg telling me about his latest invention, I had to take a look. The Giganizor is a simple solution to the kind of problem I’ve just been describing – it clips easily onto your guitar strap and holds slide, capos, I dare say I could fit a blues harp in there too! I’d certainly use this on both of my guitars, though I don’t think it is available in the UK yet.

Grainger Snubbed In Mustache Poll

My friend Jack Pribek thinks I should appear in this list ………

“From The Mirror, results of a poll for Britain’s Top ‘Stache

TOP 10:
1. Freddie Mercury
2. John Cleese
3. Lord Kitchener
4. Charlie Chaplin
5. David Seaman
6. Bruce Forsyth
7. Terry Thomas
8. Peter Sellers
9. Des Lynam
10. Daley Thompson

Obviously, the deal is rigged as there is absolutely no mention of Gary Grainger!

You decide…”


Gary Grainger

Grainger Snubbed In Mustache Poll

Jiva wedding in Taylor Guitar factory

For those that thought you could not use the words “destination” “Awesome” and “El Cajon” in the same post. A destination wedding with musicians from England exchanging their vows at Taylor Guitars. The room was most awesome, from the first Taylor guitar to their new line of electric…. It was amazing.

Local acoustic folk duo and friends, Jiva (Jimmy & Val) love Taylor guitars – they have quite a few of them. When they decided to get married, there was only one place to do it – the Taylor guitar factory.
We wish them all the best!

Tri play at Whitby Pirate Day

This Sunday, 16th August (weather looks to be fine)


10.00 Andy Broderick
10.30 Storm Crow
11.00 Barbara Helen
11.30 Carl Jackson
12.00 Phil Graham
12.30 Suzanne
1.00 Carmella
1.30 Carl Eaton
2.00 Head of Light
2.30 Bass Players Daughter
3.00 Brother Crow
4.00 Tri


Face Painting

Find the Treasure

Pirate hat, flag and cutlass making

Live Bands

Pirate Games

Lucky Dip

Best dressed Pirate and best dressed Wench competition