Big G play at Woodstock Anniversary Festival – with a new singer

For the past couple of years some friends of mine have had a small party every summer. This year the event happens to coincide with the 40th anniversary of another small event – Woodstock. Robin Williamson of the Incredible String Band and Barry Melton (The Fish) of Country Joe & The Fish were both at the original Woodstock, and Big G are going to be sharing the billing with them and others at this year’s event – called Solstock.

We’ve had a few wobbles about if we were going to get there and which of us was going to be there. For now, though, we’re sorted and it’ll be our first gig with our new singer and blues harp player Andy Atkinson (and our second gig ever – shades of CS&N at Woodstock ’69?) I’ve known Andy for a few years now and we’ve played together at various charity gigs and buskers over that time. When we decided we could do with a singer, Andy saw the ad but didn’t respond. When things got a little stressed when it looked like we weren’t going to get to Solstock, Andy stepped up – not just for Solstock, but for as far as this journey takes us. Andy has played in several localbands including Mojo Hand, Witchkraft, Mississippi Sheiks to mention a few.

There’ll be recordings, videos and pictures of the whole thing, and we’re busy rehearsing to get tight and then to get loose – just like elastic!


  1. Pribek · July 1, 2009

    Very cool Gary.
    Break a leg!

  2. Gary · July 1, 2009

    Cheers Jack!

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