Waves Gtr Solo & more

A while ago I wrote about this great software which is available for a free 1 year download. Imagine my pleasure and surprise a few days later to receive a parcel containing the fully licensed version of Gtr Solo as well as 21st Century Guitarist, which has all kinds of support materials, tutorials and a great piece of work by Craig Anderton which I found very useful.

I don’t have the chops or the technical know how to put together videos like my virtual blogger friend Jon, but I’ve had great fun playing with this software – nothing fit for public consumption, yet.

Imagine my even greater surprise when, a week or so later, the UPS guy called again with quite a large package – not guitar sized or shaped (soon, I’m sure!*) but intriguing nonetheless. A quick sortie with my penknife removed the packaging and revealed this:The website says: With 11 assignable buttons, dual dedicated expression pedals, and easy-to-see LED displays, GTR Ground puts the power in your feet. Conceived and engineered to interface seamlessly with Waves GTR3, Ground is the perfect fit from the studio to the stage.

I say: “Holy Moly! I am not worthy!”

This is a great piece of kit, allowing you to make changes while you’re playing, with much less fuss than pointing and clicking with the mouse. I’ve hardly touched the surface of this fantastic piece of equipment, but I’m already hearing of folks who are talking the Gtr Ground and their Gtr Solo loaded laptop, to the studio – and nothing else! I suppose you could use that setup for stage work too, though the Ground is also a MIDI interface useable with any other rackmnounted USB efects unit. The possibilities are endless. I’ll try and get to grips with all of this kit and post some of my noodlings.

*(If any guitar company wants to send me a guitar shaped package, feel free to get in touch!)

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