New Acoustic Guitar

For a long time I’ve been longing for a really good electro-acoustic guitar to play on stage for solo gigs as well as with Tri & Big G. (This isn’t that guitar, by the way!) My current acoustic (a Martin copy by Marlin) is over 30 years old and I don’t want to risk it getting damaged in various pubs and so on. I had a very very minor windfall recently and saw this Tanglewood TW1500 for sale very close to me and for what seemed like a very good price. I had intended to buy it myself, but my good friend Phil Graham changed our arrangement and paid for the guitar for me, as a belated birthday present. Many thanks, Phil, I am truly not worthy.

The guitar is about 12 years old, doesn’t have a pickup fitted, but is well played in and the cutaway gives nice access to the “dusty” end. I need the action lowering a little, and I’ve just sourced a Barcus Berry soundhole pickup from ebay, then I’ll be using it for most gigs that I play. I’ll probably add some brass bridge pins too.



7 responses to “New Acoustic Guitar

  1. I don't know what the list price was when new – I got it as a gift, of course. I've not been able to find any more info about it.

  2. Just went ahead and bought one(tw1500)it plays really well,still don't know much about it except it was made in china and the quality is superb

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