Blues Show 13 Playlist

Skip James – Devil Got My Woman
Otis Rush – All Your Love
Alvin Lee – You Need Love Love Love
Paul Barrere – Interview with Gary Grainger at The Cluny, Newcastle
Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett – Live from The Cluny, Newcastle (25 minutes)
Little Walter – Juke
The Pleasure Barons – Gangster of Love
Jo Ann Kelly – Where Is My Good man From album of the week – “Do It & more” (released January 2009) on Manhaton Records
Otis Spann – Worried Life Blues
Gypsy Dave Smith – Blue World
Dave Hole – Dark Was The Night
Red Devils – Cut That Out
Jo Ann Kelly – Black Rat Swing from Album Of The Week “Do It & more”
Johnny Dickinson – The Winds
Leslie West – Crawlin’ Kingsnake

We also had 4 songs from Bob and Nige of The Poorboys – Lonesome Whistle, Thrill is Gone, and 2 others I don’t remember the name of (I was too busy trying to play guitar, run the desk and monitor output all at the same time! Hope it didn’t sound too bad out there!)

New Behringer pedal

When I played with Tri at the BishopFM folk fundraiser, the guy doing the sound suggested that I get one of these to boost the signal from my acoustic guitar. My guitar has a Martin under bridge piezo pickup which was fitted about 15 years ago when I played in the Bob Allison Country Band, but it doesn’t have a preamp built in, which means it needs a little tweaking when I’m plugged direct into a PA system. The box acts as a passive DI box but can also process the sound – the blend control is aimed at simulating the sound of a microphone into a tube preamp. I haven’t tried it yet, but it gets good reviews.