Taylor guitars

A few months ago I spent an enjoyable hour in a good guitar shop in Middlesbrough, trying electro-acoustic guitars (I still have this futile idea that I’ll be able to afford a decent one before I die). I played a couple of Tanglewoods, which were nice enough, but then I tried a few Taylors. I didn’t go too far up the price range, but when I got to the 114CE, I was taken by the nice feel of the neck, and the sound of the guitar both acoustically and amplified. I would have been quite happy to walk away with that and have it as my main guitar. A few weeks later, Barbara Helen was a guest on Terry’s folk show on BishopFm, and I borrowed her 114CE to accompany Phil Graham on a tune – it felt just as good as the one I had played previously. While I was in the music shop I picked up a Taylor magazine/catalogue and this has been perused front to back, back to front and inside out, by both my wife and myself.

I never got to try any Taylor electrics in the shop, but I’m certainly taken by the T5 and when my wife asked me which one Taylor guitar I’d have, given the opportunity (or 6 winning numbers on the Lottery!), I chose the T5.
There’s loads of information on the Taylor website here, and I hope to try out a T5 someday for myself.

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