BishopFM folk fundraiser last night

It was a very good gig at Bishop Auckland Cricket Club last night. The gig was intended as a fundraiser for BishopFM.

jiva (Jimmy & Val) started proceedings with their gentle folk sounds – they had folks singing along pretty quickly. I liked the sounds of their Taylor acoustics throught their Bose PA system (similar to the one we use in Tri & Big G)

Copperhead Still followed up with a great session of blues and roots music – some nice slide guitar work from Ian (1) and nice acoustic work from Ian (2) backed up by solid bass playing from Dennis (I think!).

Following a short break, Ed and Maria from Denmark gave us a couple of tunes – the first featuring Maria on the saw (see picture). Maria has a wonderful voice and her solo song, a Danish gypsy tune, was spellbinding.

Acoustica (Andy & Cath) gave a very professional spot next, which had some of their own tunes as well as covers by Steve Earle amongst others. The tunes featured them both on guitar and vocals, with Cath also playing great accordion and fiddle. Andy also sported a great guitar shirt (must get one!) and came to my aid in the shape of a Fred Kelly thumbpick.

We (Tri) finished the night off to great response – despite a few technical glitches we got through our set of folk, blues and more.

I don’t know yet how much money was raised, but it was a great event and there was talk last night of making it an annual event.

All photos are copyright Filmar Photography


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