CD Review – Donavon Frankenreiter – Pass It Around

Disclosure: I got this CD for free.

This is a very smooth, relaxing album – I relaxed to it a lot – drinking coffee, driving in the car, chilling out at home. It seems that I had taken my children’s advice to “Chillax”. These songs are designed to help you relax. Donavon has a voice that is very easy to listen to – laidback and, yes, relaxed.

It didn’t surprise me to find that Donavon is a pro surfer and a friend of Jack Johnson – some of the songs here talk about the ocean, surfing, etc. The first track “Life, Love and Laughter” had me singing along by the second chorus, and I was humming and smiling my way through the whole album.

There’s some special guests too: Ben Harper and Grant Lee Phillips help out on a couple of tracks, and G-Loce puts in an appearance too.
There’s a webpage here, myspace too and you can hear the title track here.

If you need to “chillax”, I can highly recommend this album!


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