Stolen Hendrix strat sold for £30?

Believe it or not, Jimi Hendrix played a gig at The Imperial Hotel in Darlington, on 2nd February 1967. The photo up there was taken just before the gig started by Ian Wright and is available as a signed print here. Apparently the gig came to a standstill after 3 minutes when the fuses blew! Hendrix – who by then had claimed his first top ten hit Hey Joe – played in front of 200 fans at the Blue Pad nightclub at the Imperial Hotel, in Grange Road, known locally as the Imp.

At that gig one of Jimi’s strats went “missing” and the whereabouts of that guitar have been a mystery for quite a few local people over the intervening 40 years. Local Hendrix tribute band Sundance are playing a gig at the same venue on the 21st September and they thought it might be good if the guitar was returned at the gig and could then be returned to the Hendrix estate.

There was an article in the local daily paper, The Northern Echo, and today there was more news. Although nobody has owned up to “acquiring” the guitar, the guy who bought it has come forward. Unfortunately he no longer has the guitar – he bought it for £20 and sold it for £20 – £30.

Tony Carrrington was at the gig and got to jam with Hendrix. He was there when the roadies told Hendrix that the black strat was missing – he didn’t seem too bothered as apparently it was one that Jimi used onstage to throw against amps and stuff – he was more concerned about his white strat.

Some time later Tony was offered the guitar, now resprayed red. He bought it for £20 but says it was “Horrible – a dog”. He sold it a few months later to somebody local for £30, but doesn’t know where it is now.

If there are any further developments, I’ll keep you posted.

Northern Echo story here.


3 responses to “Stolen Hendrix strat sold for £30?

  1. MJK: I’ve been following this story for a while and decided to post it after today’s piece. You’re right, that Morrison Hotel is a great site.You’re right, Paul, apparently some of Eddie Cochran’s music was played at Hendrix’s funeral.

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