Rock The Crown’s Bar – Sunday

Despite the fact that the four of us in Big G didn’t really enjoy our performance at The Crown Buskers in June, I went back on Sunday. Things have improved – the sound was much better and there were signs of some definite organisation having taken place! I kicked things off with a few blues tunes as well as “Willin'” and I was followed by a young man whose name I still don’t know – he did a good job of some Neil Young, Paul Weller, one of his own and he finished with his version of a Leadbelly tune performed by Rory Gallagher – this was pretty bluesy so I got up and played some harp – “tasty” was one comment I received.

The featured band were The Unnamed, a local young band who I’ve seen several times now – they’re coming on really well and have a good future ahead of them.

I’ve spoken to Ian Jackson several times now at various gigs etc., but I’ve never seen him play – he did a set of rock tunes on which he played guitar and sang while backed by his minidisk machine. A pretty good sound, and some nice guitar playing, though I’m unsure of the whole “backing tracks” concept – I did it for a short while myself and didn’t enjoy it at all.

The house band played a few tunes and then I joined them as vocalist for “Stuck In The Middle With You”, “Werewolves of London” and on guitar and vocals for “Need Your Love So Bad”. From then on it was a journey through the past few years of rock, with the house band and others giving us some Zep, AC/DC, and much much more. I had a good time,enjoyed the stuff I sang with the band and got fed too! I’ll be back next time.


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