Bishop FM again

I had a call on Monday evening from my friend Phil Graham to ask if I fancied going to be a guest on Terry Ferdinand’s Folk programme on local internet station Bishop FM. As soon as he had put the phone down, I was dusting off my old guitar.

I went and sang a few songs – “Me and My Uncle” (the John Phillips version not The Grateful Dead version), “Soulshine” (The Warren Haynes version not the Gov’t Mule/Allman Brothers version) and “The Joker” (my version not the Steve Miller version). They seemed to go OK. Phil sang a few and then I accompanied him on two tunes we’d played before, and one we hadn’t. Seemed to go OK, I think – we were getting emails during the program from folks near and far. I’m hoping to get a recording of the show, and if I think your ears can stand it, I’ll post my songs here.

Jazz Family Tree

I’ve been helping my son do a jazz project and on our travels around the ‘net we came across this family tree which appealed to me quite a bit. From here. I also got him to listen to some jazz – Coltrane, Derek Bailey, Jelly Roll Morton. Jelly Roll was his favourite, with Coltrane a close second.

Hippy barfday mu tea

Yup, it is my birthday today, and I’m really glad that my mother was enamoured of Gary Cooper, so that I wasn’t called Valentine! I’m sure the UPS truck with all of my guitar related gifts is lost somewhere – it’ll be here soon, won’t it? I wouldn’t want your kind gifts to get lost!

Heavy Metal in the North East

I was talking today to a singer from another band (The Suspects) and mentioned that Heavy Metal has always been popular in the North East of England – there are loads of bands playing the pub scene in the North East of England that have set lists full of metal and hard rock covers. There are also quite a few metal tribute bands – Sabbatica, Judas Beast, Maiden England to name a few. I have frequently wondered why metal is so popular up here. So, imagine my surprise to get home tonight and read an article in The Northern Echo about this very thing.

Here’s an extract:

THE region’s love of heavy metal and rave music could be because of its industrial heritage.

A survey by HMV and Uncut magazine found that people in the North-East were much more likely to buy heavy metal and “happy hardcore” rave music than their Southern counterparts.

Folk music expert Gordon Potts said the quick rhythms of rave and heavy metal could inherently appeal to residents of the region because of reasons stemming from the industrial revolution.

Traditional dance steps in the North and South varied in that Northern dance steps were faster, but less physically demanding than Southern dance steps.

Mr Potts said the different dance steps evolved during the industrial boom of the 1800s.

He said: “It has been said that this might be because the North-East is an industrial area and it got electric lighting earlier, so people could dance for longer.”

The full article is here