Guest appearances

Over the past 10 days or so I’ve been to see a couple of bands, and got the chance to sit in with them on a song or two. I went to see The Bandits at Byers Green club just over a week ago. I love this band – a no frills trio that are tighter than a tight thing. The crowd loved the band from start to finish, and so did I – their particular brand of uptempo r’n’b/rock’n’roll (with a few unexpected covers thrown in) is excellent. There were 2 guests that night – first “White Haired Guy” got up and played decent harp on a tune, then a little later I played some harp on a slow blues – “I Can’t Quit You”. (No cameras were present) I really enjoyed playing with this great band, and it seemed to go down OK with the locals too. Next time I might get to playt some guitar too! Bad Bob Bates and I had a chat about guitars and stuff – he loves his telecasters and has put a few together himself.

Then 3 days ago I went to see those bad boys Dirty South – my second exposure to this band of outlaws. This 6 piece (3 guitars!), as you might expect, play Southern Rock -and boy do they do it well! A great crowd at The Turbinia was with the band from the start, and neither the crowd nor the band let up. I was persuaded to get up and sling some slide on Dirty South’s version of Lynryd Skynrd’s version of JJ Cale’s “Call Me The Breeze” -I borrowed Ken’s (Blitzkrieg) Les Paul and Peavey stack for this.

Folks seemed to enjoy my sliding. In the second set Doc Brown and I did a little bit of Duellin’ Harps on a song I don’t even know the name of. Again, a great bunch of guys who clearly enjoy what they do. I look forward to the next gig.

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