Light Body Guitars

These look pretty cool – I’d like to hear what they sound like when you’re playing them.

“These unique guitars weigh about the same or less
than typical acoustic guitars, and feature 12 sympathetic strings running
through the inside of the neck. Produced in limited numbers, these guitars
represent a significant leap forward for players desiring expanded tonal
and dynamic expression from their guitars. The goal behind the design
is to produce a very durable, light and roadworthy guitar that covers
every range of sounds from pure acoustic to overdriven electric, with
the addition of extended overtones and harmonic complexity due to the
sympathetic strings and hollow neck.”

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My brother’s lyrics blog

My brother Paul and I (that’s us in the picture) have written songs for a long time, though we haven’t written any together yet. We have even recorded some of them a few years ago, (you can hear some on Paul’s myspace page) and when I played in The Bob Allison Country Band we recorded two of Paul’s songs too. (I’ll get them online eventually!) Here’s a blog that Paul’s just started where he is posting lyrics that he’s written. I might have a go at writing some music to them. You could try, too!

Another Audition

I have an audition for a newly formed blues band, based in Darlington (10-15 minutes away from me!), tomorrow night. I’ve been given the names of a few tunes to listen to in advance of the session, Paul Butterfield, John Mayall, to name a few) so I’ll do that now. I’ll keep you posted.

Guitar blogs aplenty!

I subscribe to the RSS feed of most of these guitar blogs now, (and I’ll be adding the rest right after I’ve posted this!) and you’d probably think that we all blog the same stuff all of the time – you know “See one, you’ve seen them all”. But this isn’t the case at all – each of these blogs has an individual approach and we all manage to find something different to post about. Jason Parker over at Atomic Guitarist had a great idea for a link project, so here it is. If you came here to find stuff about guitars, then do yourself a favour and visit these folks too. And tell ’em I sent ya – but remember to come back!

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Charity Gig at The Forum, Darlington

On Saturday night I played a charity gig at The Forum, Darlington with my friend Phil Graham – we were the opening act on a 5 act bill. The entire show was in aid of St. Teresa’s Hospice, Darlington. Other acts were: Eight More Days, another acoustic duo, Tyler Durden featuring their own material, Warsaw Pact, with a load of covers and the Sky Babies, with some good rock to finish. The Forum is a really good venue to play – a good stage, PA system, lights and engineer. It made a change for me not to be playing in a band, and despite a few technical hitches Phil & I had a good time. The whole night raised in the region of £500 for the hospice, which is great.

I’d like to do a whole set at The Forum sometime, with a full band – though which band that might be, I don’t know at the moment. There’s some more pix here.