Black River Blues on the Great North Run

If I tried to run the Great North Run, I’d die. However, we are playing along the route of the run tomorrow, in the hope of providing encouragement and entertainment to the 49,000 runners, the hundreds of spectators and the (gulp!) millions of viewers at home in TV land. We’re somewhere near the 7 mile mark, just outside of The Lakeside Pub on Leam Lane. If you’re running, give us a wave. If you’re not running, you could watch us on TV (BBC 1) from 9:30am onwards. Or somewhere on the internet, I guess. You’ll spot us by our discreet publicity material – and we’ve got t-shirts too.

Warren Haynes Gibson Les Paul

I’m sure this has been round for a while, but I’ve just discovered it. Now, although I’ve been gigging with my son’s Vintage Les Paul copy, I’ve never really been a Les Paul kind of guy. However, if one of thee came my way, I’d certainly give it a good run out!
Some very interesting player’s tips from Warren too.

Gibson Custom: Warren Haynes Les Paul

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