Alan Brason Guitars

These were built about 10 years ago, here in the North East of England. Apparently he’s still building and doing repairs, but doesn’t have a website. There are some other pictures of the build process, if anybody is interested. I really like the figured maple neck on the strat.

Of Guitars and Gigs

Well, I road-tested the Gibson Nighthawk at the weekend. (The picture above is not of the guitar I borrowed, but is very similar.)
We had 3 gigs: Tudor Rose, Dunston on Friday (a good night); Market Tavern, Bedlington on Saturday (a great night); Allendale Beer Festival, Sunday (an excellent afternoon!). and as expected, the guitar performed impeccably. It was very easy to play and the range of sounds available was great.

Which made it even harder to return it yesterday.

Over the weekend I came to the realisation that there were more pressing household matters requiring any “spare” money that I might have. (Let me add, we never have “spare” money!) So whilst I would dearly love to go and buy this guitar, it won’t be happening. In fact, I won’t be buying any new guitar in the foreseeable future.

So, if any guitar manufacturer would like to take pity on a hard-working musician and sponsor me with a guitar, just get in touch!