Black River Blues "Live At Blyth" CD Launch

On Sunday July 8th we’re launching our new CD “Live At Blyth” at The Flying Horse, Blyth – which is where we recorded the disk in April. We’re offering the CD for a special price of £5 on that night only (normal price £6) and for every CD we sell we’re giving Ian of The Flying Horse £1 to donate to the three charities that the pub supports. We’re trying to arrange a drinks promotion, but we’re not sure about that yet. If you’d like a copy of te CD but can’t get to the gig, send an email to: brblues at googlemail dot com – replacing the errors, of course. And if you’re around Blyth that night, why not come along?

Brown Bagging Guitarist

I wonder if he’s too embarassed to be seen playing in public? I remember when I was in March Hare in 1972/3, I was really shy and retiring – no, really, I was! I found a cheap pair of sunglasses and wore them on stage so that I could hide behind them. They became a bit of a trademark.

Durham Brass Festival – reminder

I‘ve posted this before, but the start of this festival is getting closer (Sunday 1st July). There is loads of stuff happening – I can’t put it all here so I’ll just recommend that you check out the website. Although I can’t get to many of the events, there are some daytime events that I think I can attend. There’s also a competition over at the brass festival myspace page, as well as some tracks to download.

At last! Recognition as a guitar player!

view more products from GRAINGER GRAINGER BLUES TWIN



A competitor in the premium professional amp market, at a great price!

The Blues Twin combo takes the competition down at the knees with pro performance and features at a great price. Dual-channel 30W AB operation (pentode), or 15W Class A operation (triode) plus independent or interactive tone controls and specially designed Lady Luck 12″ speakers by Eminence are impressive enough on paper, but when you hear the tonal quality and feel the sheer interactivity, you won’t believe your ears. The tube rectifier provides bluesy sag while tube-driven reverbed sound is incredibly natural. 3-band EQ plus added mid control on the hot channel lets you dial in hard-hitting definition. 12AX7 preamp tubes with DC powered filaments operate very quietly.


* 30W Class AB or 15W Class A switchable All-tube circuitry
* 2 channels (pentode/triode)
* Tube rectifier
* Mid control for channel 2
* Dual 12″ special-designed Eminence Lady Luck speakers
* Tube-powered reverb
* Independent/interactive EQ switch
* Standby switch
* Shared 3-band EQ
* Master volume
* Dual 4 ohm, dual 8 ohm, and 16 ohm speaker outs
* 12AX7 preamp tubes with DC powered filaments
* EL34 power tubes
* Footswitch jack (switch not included)
* High-tension fuse
* 16-gauge bent and spot-welded chassis
* 11-ply plywood cab construction

It makes all of the hard work and the endless hours of practice worthwhile when a company finally recognises that you are the best at what you do and decide to honour you by naming their top class valve amplifier after you. I am moved and honoured. I’d like to thank the Academy, my late mother and father for their belief in me, my wife and family for their support, and everybody who knows me. I’m sure that I’ll be receiving my own model by special delivery this week – won’t I?

Grainger BLUES TWIN at Sound Control

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Junior Brown – stunning playing!

Plenty of other excellent Junior Brown vids available too. I used to play in a British Country and Western band (Bob Allison Country Band) and, whilst most C&W fans have an interest in maybe one guitar feature every night (an instrumental or maybe a showcase medley) I don’t know what the folks of, say, Cockerton Band Club in Darlington would make of Junior Brown’s playing. Me? I love it – watch his index finger moving!

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