Groovy! Got to grow my hair, get some platform shoes and a glittery cape – prog rock here I come!

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Do you want decking?

Apart from a brief sojourn to see a couple of bands (more later) I’ve spent most of this weekend getting decked. Almost finished, just a bit of tidying up to do.

(No, that’s not my decking – mine is a much more humble affair!)

Afric Pepperbird

Some great photographs of Durham and South Africa, some great jazz album reviews too – if only there wasn’t all that bike stuff! (Just joking Fred!) Another colleague who has a secret life I never knew about – sax playing, CD reviewing, blogging. Excellent!

Mountain Bike Durham

I’m far too old and far too unfit to get on a bike of any kind these days. Luckily for me, there are younger and fitter people to do it and write about it. That way I get to have a vicarious bike journey without leaving the comfort of my cubicle/pod/workspace/desk. Here is just such a site, written by a colleague. I hope he manages to get the routes up using Google Maps – then my mind can wander like the wild geese in the west. Nice work, Phil! And please do write about music too!

Mountain Bike Durham
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