Skulls in Culture

Not just for a load of aging hippies!
I’ve always loved this particular image of The Dead (by Stanley Mouse). In a chemically induced obsessive episode I tried to persuade my young wife to embroider the skull and roses onto a shirt she was making for me – I wanted it done there and then, in front of me – and it had to be perfect. Needless to say it didn’t get done. And yes, we are still together (she forgave me).

via J-Walk


I first heard about this here. (In fact you can download mp3s there) I did as recommended in the piece and got in touch here. A couple of weeks ago, after I’d forgetten about it, a package turned up on the doorstep containing a dvd and a cd.
I like weird stuff, especially weird music. And this is gloriously weird! Paul seems like genuine guy, especially in the DVD Movie. My family weren’t too happy when I broadcast Hippy Freakout throughout the house! If you are at all interested in weird music, please check this out.
And Paul’s drug of choice? Coffee!!!

New pedal

I went to my favourite secondhand shop in Darlington today, and came out with this Marshall Vibrotrem – I’ve always loved a good tremelo sound – I know it’s kind of retro, but I like it. Like all such effects, though, it needs to be used sparingly, so I’ll resist the temptation to drench everything with it at our 2 gigs this weekend!

I then spent an hour or so putting a new pedal board together – I’ll try and take some pictures and write a piece about my setup – such as it is. (This is the third Marshall pedal I own now – wonder if I can get a free t-shirt?!)