Mcnaught guitars

A friend of a friend (both of whom play in the same band) used to have 2 Tom Anderson guitars and a very very nice Taylor acoustic. He sold one of the Tom Anderson guitars and the Taylor and bought a James Tyler guitar. I hear now that he has just ordered a
Mcnaught guitar. I don’t know which model, but I hope I might get the chance to at least see it!

Tick Tock Tea

We’ve been drinking Rooibos tea for a few weeks in an attempt to bring some health into our lives. It is a very nice drink. I drink it without milk. (Don’t worry, I’m still a committed coffee drinker!) When we went to replenish our supply this morning, I was struck by the design of this packaging, so it went into the trolley. I’m currently drinking the third coffee of the day, but when I get back from my gig tonight, I’ll be having some Tick Tock to help me unwind.

Joe Cornish photography

Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland.
I used to play guitar in a band called Dead Messengers and Richard, the songwriter, wrote a very atmospheric piece about the place. I have a live recording close to hand – I’ll upload it Real Soon Now. This picture by Joe Cornish is stunning – as are all of the others on his site.