“These are the Starseeds. They are souls from other planets, star systems or universes who answered a call for assistance and agreed to come to the planet Ubania in the Nebullon galaxy to help with the healing and transformation of the planet. They are individuals in embodiment who presently are working with the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Command to help fulfill the Creator’s Divine plan of bringing peace and harmony to planet Ubania.

The way is paved for the Starseeds to help carry out the plan for assisting planet Ubania and her inhabitants in the transition into the Fifth Dimension.”

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Quantum Shaman

“Quantum Shaman is dedicated to bringing you in touch with the power, ability and awareness within yourself.

you are invited to share one woman’s awe-inspiring journey into the Infinite – a quest for Knowledge that began with a single question – Who Are You? – and led down the rabbit hole to the eventual creation of Quantum Shamanism.”


Zube Tube – the Ultimate Cosmic Sound Machine

When I was a boy, Zubes were some medicated sweets that came in a tin. They were supposed to help with coughs and colds.
My Dad swore by them (especially dissolved in boiling water with a shot of whisky!) They are probably illegal now! 
Here’s a different kind of Zube – a Zube Tube –  it certainly has some groovy sounds.