New Marshall chorus pedal

I just got one of these Marshall Supervibe Chorus pedals, from my favourite secondhand shop. I knew if I went in, there was a chance there’d be something I’d be interested in – and there was. I guess by buying this I have made the decision to go with individual pedals rather than a multi effects pedal (I had been considering a Digitech RP250). So I now have a Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal (two settings – I mainly use it purely as a boost – but the blues setting in front of my Laney VC30 is stunning!), this Supervibe chorus (with the possibility of some rotary sounds too) and a Behringer TU100 pedal tuner. I had a Danelectro autowah which I got from the same secondhand shop (see post earlier) but that was rattling about in my bag and the control pots snapped off the circuit board – bugger! So I’ll look out for another one of those – I liked the sound it made. I also still have my Boss BE5, but the only effect from that that I still need is a compressor (I’ve just ordered a delay pedal from ebay). I also have my footswitch for my amp, which has one switch for channel changing and another for reverb. So it is time for me to sort these pedals out – there are accepted sequences for using individual stomp boxes – the order in which you place them certainly has an effect on the sound. I need get a multi-power supply to cut down on batteries and decide on a pedal board of some description – at the moment I spend too long setting up and stripping down these separate pedals. I’ll keep you posted, if you’re interested.

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