Preparation for travels

I’m going to Banska Bystrica in Slovakia tomorrow, (back late Friday night), so I’m busy collecting the things I’ll need whilst I’m away – laptop (or should I take one of the 2 tablets I have at the moment?) Orange SPV M2000 PDA/phone, Nokia mobile phone, one or two Moleskine notebooks, enough pens to last me a whole week, my Rio Karma, fully loaded with new tunes, digital camera, 2 USB memnory sticks, CF card reader, chargers for all of the electrical stuff – and that is just my carry-on luggage! Guess I’ll need to take some clothes too – my one smart jacket, my one smart pair of trousers, my one tie (designed by Jerry Garcia) and an assortment of casual clothes (though my idea of casual may stretch the Slovakian mind a little!). Then there are some official freebies to give to various officials that we’ll meet on our trip, my pile of medications and a few toiletries, I need something to read, some earplugs and headphones. That should do. Oh, and all of the travel stuff, passport, insurance, currency etc.

I’m hoping to continue posting while I’m away – if not I’ll bore you all with Slovakian stuff when I get back! I’m hoping to see some live music while I’m there, maybe sit in on some too if I get the chance, though I’m not taking my guitar. I’m also spending some time in Budapest next Friday before we fly back – I’ll try not to get involved in any riots, but I’d like to experience the crowds.