Opera browser update

A while ago I took advantage of Opera’s free registration opportunity and I loaded it on my Windoze machine. Using that machine tonight Opera told me about an update – 9.01 I’ve just updated, and I’m impressed. You can download torrents (legal, of course) within Opera itself. And with tabbed browsing, if you hover the pointer over one of the tabs, it shows you what the page looks like – at about one tenth of the size. Cool! Follow the link at the top of this item for download

Archer’s Jersey Ice Cream

We drive past this place a couple of times a week, and we usually call in at least once a week. The ice cream is superb – and they have a new flavour which has become my new favourite – licorice ice cream! Trust me, it is absolutely delicious! They also serve great coffee too. If you are travelling down the A68 towards Darlington, turn right at The Dog and you’ll find it.