Another Thumbrella

I am totally gutted, demotivated and feeling bad about myself. I thought my Thumbrella was the true Thumbrella. Now I find another Thumbrella – and it is better than mine!!!!! AAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

A “thumbrella” is a small creature (ca 6cm tall and 2cm wide) that lives in the suburbs of Paris and London. They are friendly, but shy and they only come out between 1 am and 4 am. Some people think they are just thumbs. That is silly. They are infact thumbs with legs, feet and a umbrella hat (usually very bright).

The average thumbrella man


Frankinstein Guitars

Good to see some more innovative guitar design as well as the “traditional” electric guitar designs.

Here’s the Blondie, another ETA (electric true acoustic) with a figured maple top on a one piece obeche back. The pickup is a vintage DeArmond goldtop with secret acoustic transducers. The maple/rosewood neck is set into the body and the guitar is finished in Danish oil/carnauba wax.