Steely Dan guitar album

I’m looking forward to the release of this:

Steely Dan instrumental ‘tribute’ entitled THE ROYAL DAN, featuring some very heavy-duty pickers. Here is the final track listing and order:

1. PEG featuring Robben Ford
2. BODHISATTVA featuring Steve Morse
3. HOME AT LAST featuring Jay Graydon
4. AJA featuring Al Dimeola
5. PRETZEL LOGIC featuring Steve Lukather
6. JOSIE featuring Jeff Richman
7. DIRTY WORK featuring Mike Stern
8. THE FEZ featuring Jimmy Herring
9. FM featuring Frank Gambale
10. HEY NINETEEN featuring Elliott Randall

Amp troubles

Had a very good gig last night at The Norwood in Lobley Hill – not a very large audience but they were certainly appreciative – as were the bar staff. Unfortunately, during our encore “Stormy Monday”, my little Gallien amp decided it had had enough and went off in a sulk. Luckily it was the last song, and I just play rhythm, so it was not an issue at that point. When I checked the amp, it was very hot – I have been running it at almost “full pelt” every night, in an attempt to get the great sounds that come out of it to carry further. I have been looking for a guitar cab to use with it and have spent a lot of time searching the Wundaweb as well as some physical music shops. Then I thought to myself (as you do) “If I am going to get a cabinet and carry that round as well as my combo, maybe I should just get another combo.” I hadn’t voiced this thought to anybody, but my little amp obviously picked up the vibes and went off in a sulk. So today, after checking the fuses (to no avail) I took it to The Menders. (Actually, Ron’s Music in Darlington) It will be taken away and checked out and a diagnosis and treatment recommended. Of course, I have a gig tomorrow night (as well as 2 next weekend) So I asked my good friend (and great guitar player) Pete if I could borrow an amp. He consulted with Ron and gave me the nod. So, I have borrowed a very nice USA made Fender Princeton chorus combo (2×10″). It is solid state, but has a lot of depth, especially on the clean channel. It is of course reasonably priced too, so I am sure that Ron and Pete would be happy if I liked it so much that I bought it! We’ll have to see what The Mender says about the GK. I’ll let you know how the amp performs after the gig tomorrow night.

Just got one of these – Korg Ampworks modeller

Following a recommendation fron the guys over at guitarGAS I took delivery of one of these today. (£39 instead of £109 – shop around online). Now, I’m not an amp modeller kind of guy – but I don’t really know what sound I do want, or how to get it, so I though that this was worth the risk. I’ve only had 5 minutes with it in my headphones, but I can already see that there are some very useable sounds here, and that is with just using the presets. I’ll need to spend more time with it and see if I can use it in a live situation. I’m thinking of having a good clean sound and a creamy bluesy lead sound, and use an external footswitch (I already have one) to change between them. I might be able to minimise my other effects pedal use if I do that. I’d like to be able to get easy access to 5 or 6 useable sounds with the minimum of gear and hopping around on one leg stabbing at the floor. But it is early days – i haven’t messed around with gear for a long time, so it takes a bit of getting used to. Once I decide where best to use this modeller, I’ll do a picture spread of what I am using onstage and ask the advice of the millions of guitar players who come here every day in search of inspiration, education or just to have a good laugh (at me!). I’ll get back to you. There are lots of user reviews (good and bad) here.