This word appears in one of my favourite songs “The Joker” by Steve Miller. I never did know what it meant – “pompitous of love”


• The Oxford English Dictionary (Unabridged) is the only English dictionary that contains an entry for “pompitous”, a word made infamous by The Steve Miller Band’s song “The Joker”. It is defined as the pluperfect tense of pompous.

Very cool retro guitar site

Martin has just pointed me in the direction of this cool retro guitar site – Selmer and Hofner guitars, mainly. He had a Futurama like the one in the picture. Very nice! I never had a Futurama, though we lusted after either one of those or a Watkins Rapier. I had what I thought was a no name guitar which had been resprayed in metallic blue paint. I didn’t have an amp so the older brother of a friend (Hi, Bry!) took the jack socket apart and modded the cartridge on my dansette record player into a guitar amp. I later suspected that the guitar was actually a Hagstrom or Danelectro – ah, if only I had it now – I seem to remember I paid a fiver for it second hand – I think I was in the third form (the infamous class 3B) at Hartlepool Grammar School – maybe 1966? I vaguely seem to remember that I either bought it off Steve Bowman, or sold it to him. (Must have been a bit later than that – I’m sure Bry wasn’t 11 years old when I first met him! – probably ’67/’68)

Wil Wheaton loves The Dead!

Actor, author, poker player, geek editor Wil Wheaton says:

“At this point in the story, I feel compelled to point out that, even though I love Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead,”

Hawesome! I wonder what his favourite album/show/decade is? Maybe I’ll ask him! (I have, I’ll let you know what he says!)