Stained Glass guitars

I had some friends who started a stained glass business. It went OK for a while, I think – they were pretty good. I used to watch them make pieces and was surprised by how time consuming it all was. I’m not sure why the business ended. These guitars are really good – I’d probably have one of these if I ever got those 6 magic numbers on Saturday night!

The Art of Stanley Mouse

I’ve been looking at the art of Stanley Mouse since the sixties (remember them? They say that if you remember the sixties, you weren’t really there) on many album covers (remember them? 12″ square and ideal as a flat surface for construction purposes) and posters. He will always be associated, for me and many others, with concert posters in San Francisco and The Grateful Dead, though he designed artwork for lots of other bands too. But I’ve just recently been to his website, where you can see the full breadth of his work – I especially like the Hot Rod section and there is a range of Fine Art that is totally different to his better known works. Check it out.

Breakestra at the Jazz Cafe, London

Although I do listen to some intelligent drum’n’bass, and some “non-gangsta” hip-hop, and enjoy the skilful use of breaks by most musicians of taste, I’ve never been to see any shows. I’d certainly go and see Breakestra at The Jazz Cafe in London, 9th and 10th March, however, if I was in that part of the country. Why? Well, first and foremost, the bass player, A Boy Called Miles (aka Miles Tackett) is the son of Little Feat guitar player Fred Tackett. I’ve heard Miles sit in with his dad and Little Feat, playing guitar, and he sure knows how to do that funk thing that only Little Feat know how. So I’d go and see any band that he was in just for that reason. But I’ve browsed the web, and although the band’s website seems to be down ( there are some tracks to listen to
here and info and tracks here. If anybody goes to the shows, I’d be interested in a review – and even more interested in a live recording.

Derailroaded – a film about Wild Man Fischer

I’ve been following the progress of this movie for quite a while now, and it seems to be on limited release in the UK this weekend, according to The Guardian Guide today. I know we all (well, those of us who were around at the time) listened to his “Evening with..” album for at least one of the following three reasons:
1)because Zappa had a hand in it
2) because it was weird. With a capital Wild. Especially when you were in an altered state
3) John Peel played tracks from it

But I listened to it quite a lot, and was always intrigued and moved by the album and the man behind it. I don’t think I’ll get to see the movie anytime soon, but I’m gonna keep my eyes open for the DVD release – I’ll certainly get that. There is lots of interesting info on the site (Flash required)