Cowboy Throat Singing

I can’t find a direct link to the tracks, but I have been listening to Arthur Miles – Lonesome Cowboy parts 1 and 2. It has got everything you need in a country song – a sad story, sung well, with yodelling, guitar and – Tuvan throat singing/whistling solos! I don’t know how this is done, I would try it except I might injure my already delicate throat, but it sounds impossible. The tracks are available on this album:

Under the radar

Afetr today I’ll be under the radar for at least a week. I’m changing ISPs, and my current ISP (no name, no lawsuit) don’t issue MAC/Migration codes. So I had to cancel that agreement, wait to be disconnected, then inform my new provider. It will take between 10-14 days to get this sorted. I can still post from another machine, but not as frequently. But please do come back soon!