What I’ve been listening to lately.

I have a precursor to the iPod – a Nomad DAP Jukebox – 6 Gb of yummy goodness! And it records to Hard Drive! And it plays WAV files (better quality, IMHO)
So I have recently been listening to: (in no order whatsoever)
        David Gans
        Bill Frisell – Have A Little Faith In Me
        Fred Neil – Bleeker and MacDougall
        Andre la Fosse – turntablist guitar
        Little Feat – Lots of stuff
        Grateful Dead – ditto
        String Cheese Incident – Outside and Inside (got to get their new album soon)
        Darediablo – great rockish instrumentals
        Alison Krause
        Bela Fleck
        David Bromberg

I’ll post more to this “Music” strand now and again



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