Why Thumbrella?

When I was young and foolish, a depressed spotty teenager, I used to keep journals of my misery (coming soon to a webpage near you!) I used to do some doodles too, and one of these was of a hand which had an erect thumb in the classic hitch-hiking position. On top of the thumb I drew an Umbrella, the idea being that if it was raining whilst you were trying to hitch a ride your thumb and hand would be kept dry. So I called it Thumbrella, and then used the word as the title of the journal that it first appeared in. I’ll dig out the doodle and let you see it. Years later, after I crawled from the cul-de-sac of ignorance to the International Super Info Highway, I did a search in a moment of boredom. Imagine my surprise when up came: TH Umbrella co., china!

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