Hi folks,
got a new car this week, a Hillman Super Minx Estate, made in 1966! It is a cool car, in great condition. I’m gonna use it as my everyday transport. I have a film at the developers, when I get some pics I’ll put them on my website. This pic is very similar to mine. Anybody out there?

Been thinking about what to put here. I’ll include a definition of what a Thumbrella is, plus an explanation of where and when I thought of the word. I also intend talking about books I read, music I listen to, etc. In the meantime, why not check out a really great blog with a lot of cool stuff:


Welcome! and thanks for looking. As the days/weeks/months/years progress, I’ll add some old stuff, some new stuff, and some just plain stuff! Stuff about me, about music, about life, love and the pursuit of the too-strong mint (more later).

Thanks for checking in, come back later.