Blues Show 295

Gary & Martin realise they are the same person!

Gary & Martin realise they are the same person!

Studio Guest Miserable Les with Charlie Barlow

Studio Guest Miserable Les with Charlie Barlow


Blues Show 295 by Gary Grainger on Mixcloud

Backwater Roll Blues Band – So Mean To Me

Malcolm Holcombe – Pitiful Blues

Bobby Messano – April Showers

Doug MacLeod – Find Your Right Mind

Miserable Les Live In The Studio:

– I Don’t Care

– Dirty Money

– Spider

Miraculous Mule – I Just Can’t Keep From Cryin’

Kara Grainger – Come On In My Kitchen

Miserable Les Live In The Studio:

– Karma Comedian

– This Skin

Tangled Eye – Sister’s Blue Door

Giles Hedley – Let Your Light From The Lighthouse

Miserable Les – There’s Holes In My Pockets

Neal Black – Jesus & Johnny Walker

Canned Heat – On The Road Again

John Mayall – You Must Be Crazy

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Click Clack

Little Walter – Juke

Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda

Big John Wrencher – Goin’ Upstairs

Muddy Waters – Just To be With You

Gare Du Nord – Pablo’s Blues

James Harman – Night Ridin’ Daddy

The Dixie Hummingbirds – Trouble In My Way

Sonny Landreth – Outward Bound

Jim White – Diamonds to Coal

Johnny Guitar Watson – Gangster Of Love

Thomas Ford – Everything I Hate About You (I Want To Be)

Hokum Hotshots – How Come You Ain’t Rich

Geoff Muldaur & The Texas Sheiks – The World is Going Wrong

Bobby Messano – My Failed Career

Dan Burnett – Little Wing


Blues Show 294 playlist


Album Of The Week



Blues Show 294 by Gary Grainger on Mixcloud

Track Album
  Galloway & Keliher In The Ground  Wild Dogs
St. Louis Slim Honey Hush  EBC Compilation
Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review Blues See What You Done See What You Done
Paul Jones Lonely Nights Suddenly I Like It
Mete Ege’s London Blues Ghosts Of London  London Blues
The Boom Band Diamonds In The Rust Deluxe Album
Ten Years After Good Morning Little Schoolgirl The Name Remains The Same
 The Motives feat Matt Taylor Leap of Faith  The Motives feat Matt Taylor
Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review Dark Narcotic See What You Done
Martin Fletcher & friends Own House Own Car download
Deborah Bonham interview
Deborah Bonham Take Me Down Spirit
Deborah Bonham I Need Love Spirit
Frank Latorre & The King Bees Louisiana Rain  King Bee Boogie
Jack Bottleneck Chocolate jesus Home recording
John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers Stormy Monday Live in 1967
Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review Hard Man See What You Done
Steve Dixon & Ronnie Semple Driftin’ Home recording
Paddy Milner Louisiana Blues  The Curious Case of…
Acme Blues Band Rack Em Up Studio Session
George Shovlin & The Radars Sporting Life Blues  e.p.
The Della Grants Lay My Head  Time For Change
Chantel McGregor I’m No good For You  Like No Other
Sean Webster & The Dead Lines Hear Me Now  See It Through
Jack Blackman Stranger River Town
Poplar Jake & the Electric Delta Review Freya Marie See What You Done
Mark Butcher is it You? Songs from the Sun House
Jon Amor Blues Band Make It Your Trouble Villa Del Vibro
Bessie’s Blues It Hurts Me Too demo

Blues Show 293 playlist

Album Of The Week

Blues Show 293 by Gary Grainger on Mixcloud

Track Album
 Muddy Waters  I’m A Man  Single
Frank Fois  Further On Up The Road  download
Ged Wilson  Ain’t That A Shame  Single
 Thomas Ford  I Believe  Shoulder To Cry On
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  All Your Love  LIVE IN 1967
 Kris Dollimore  All Grown Up  All Grown Up
 Miraculous Mule  Motherless Child  Blues Uzi
 Rhiannon Giddens  Waterboy  Tomorrow Is My Turn
 Leyla McCalla  Love Again Blues  Vari-Colored Songs
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  Have You Ever Loved A Woman   LIVE IN 1967
 Peter Green  Me & The Devil Blues  Robert Johnson Songbook
 Jorma Kaukonen  Nobody Knows You  Ain’t In No Hurry
 The Big Sets  She Caught The Katy  studio session
 Doug MacLeod  Heaven’s The Only Place  Exactly Like This
 Shoutin Red  Frankie & Albert  Introducing:
 Red & Clatch  Come And Go With Me  single
 Half Deaf Clatch  Well Well  Live In Shetland
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  So Many Roads  LIVE IN 1967
 Blues Engine  Danse Macabre  single
  The Big Sets  Mary Ann  studio session
 Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review  Swamp Thing  See What You Done
 Dan Platansky  Your War  Dear Silence Thieves
 Anne McCue w. Dave Alvin  Devil in The Middle  Blue Sky Thinkin’
 Layla Zoe  Gemini Heart  Live at Spirit of 66
 Aynsley Lister  Home  Home
 Joanne Shaw Taylor  Mud, Honey  The Dirty Truth
 Robin Trower  Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds  Something’s About To Change
 Trevor Sewell  Talked To The Devil  Independence
 Bad Bob Bates  Can’t Be That Hard  Bridge Street
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  I Can’t Quit You Baby  LIVE IN 1967
 The Big Sets  Original tune  studio session
 Mete Ege’s London Blues  Ghosts of London  single

Blues Show 292 playlist

R.I.P. Andy Fraser

Blues Show 292 by Gary Grainger on Mixcloud

Free – All Right Now

Free – Walk In My Shadow

Delta Ladies – Devil Calling Out My Name

Sheikh Ya Mojo – Walkin’ Down The Line

Ramon Goose – Killin’ Floor Blues

The Hookahs – To Love Somebody

Trevor Sewell – Where The Wild Ones Go

Rhythm Zoo – Coco Blue

Gary Grainger & Paul Rose – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Free – Wishing Well

The Rainbreakers – Ain’t Nothin Goin On

Layla Zoe – The Lily

Chrissie O’Dell – If I Had A Dime

Henrik Fresichlader – Too Cool For Me

Ian Siegal – I Am The Train

Pribek – Big Bill

Big Bill Broonzy – Key To The Highway

Robin Bibi & Tony Marten – I Don’t Want To Know About Evil

CW Ayon – Dust In My Eyes

Chris O – Arrangement For Me Blues

Kat & Co – Calling Your Name

Rosco Levee & The Southern Slide – Woman (I Told You So)

Northsyde – Mercy (Live)

The Laura Holland Band – Forgive Me

Laurence Jones – Good Morning Blues

Regina Bonelli – Can You Fill His Shoes?

The Blues Bones – Find Me A Woman

Henrik Freischlader – Disappointed Women





Blues Show 291 playlist


Dan Burnett Live In The Studio

Album Of The Week

Blues Show 291 by Gary Grainger on Mixcloud

The Teddy Bears – Devil’s Music

Kathryn Williams – In A Broken Dream

The Ghost Town Blues Band – Hard Road To Hoe

Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound

Buddy Guy – Best Damn Fool

Otis Taylor – Hey Joe

Dan Burnett Live In The Studio:

– Hungover Again

– Home To Stay

– Of Sight Out Of Mind

– More Than You Deserve

The Backwater Roll Blues Band – So Mean To Me

Kelly Joe Phelps – Lead Me On

Ben Smith Band – Trick Bag

Paul Lamb & Chad Strentz – The Underdog

Dan Burnett Live In The Studio:

– Before You Go

– Happiest Man Alive

– Come And Get It

– You’re Gonna Shine

Songhoy Blues – Nick

John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom

Otis Taylor – Red Meat

Vera Ward Hall – Wild Ox Moan

Captain Luke & Cool John Ferguson – Old Black Buck

Bird Dog Bobby Band – Begging For A Broken Heart

Bob McCarthy – When The Lord Gets Ready

Tristan Mackay – Two Of A Kind

Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review – Swamp Thing

Big Boy Bloater – Bring Her Back To Me

Guy Tortora – Viola Lee Blues

Laurence Jones – Temptation

Otis Taylor – Peggy Lee

Greg Nagy – Long Way To memphis

Ryan McGarvey – Memphis

Split Whiskers – Bee Sting

Otis Taylor – Heart Is A Muscle Used To Play The Blues

Paul Rodgers – Muddy Water Blues

Billy Gibson & Pete Pedersen – Shortnin’




Blues Show 290

Live In The Studio Chris Martin

Blues Show 290 by Gary Grainger on Mixcloud


Alice DiMicele – Swim

Bill Johnson – Worked To Death

Shaun Murphy – Hard Working Man

Mance Lipscomb – Blues In the Bottle

Dave Birks – Ramblin’ Homeless Blues

Chris Martin Live In the Studio:

– Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms

– How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times & Live?

– Rio

– See That My Grave Is Keep Clean

Galloway & Kelliher – In the Ground

Chris Martin Live In the Studio:

– Fattening Frogs For Snakes

– It Hurts Me Too

– Walkin’ Blues

Precious Bryant – If you Don’t Love Me Fool Me Good

Elvin Bishop – Don’t Lie To Me

Dan Livingstone – I Like My Chicken Frying Size

Robin Bibi & Tony Marten – In Too Deep

Broken Levee – Someday After A While

The Honeymen – 44 Blues

Back Door – 32/20

CW Ayon – Singing The Blues

Ian Siegal – Early Grace

Jeremy McEwen – Mississippi Free

Joe Survival Caruso – I Got the Voodoo

The Juke Joints – Funny Little Valentine

The Juke Joints – Cat Squirrel

Vicious Steel – Ace Of Spades

Bob McCarthy – Pallet On the Floor

Birmingham Jug Band – German Blues

Dan Burnett – Happiest Man Alive

The Generation Blues Experience – Crazy

Dave Gross – It’s My Life Baby

J. B. Lenoir – I’ve Been Down So Long

Tiny Legs Tim – Poorboy

CW Ayon – Anyway Love

Nora Jean Bruso – Miss Mae’s Juke Joint

The Boom Band – We Can Work Together

Ray Goren – Save My Soul

Vaneese Thomas – Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Algia Mae Hinton – Cook Cornbread For Your Husband & Biscuits For Your Outside Man


Blues Show 289

R.I.P. Robert Belfour

Blues Show 289 by Gary Grainger on Mixcloud


Robert Belfour – Smokestack Lightning

Ernie Hawkins – Too Tight

Tony Furtado Band – These Chains

Lee Sankey – Tell Me There’s A Sun

Ian Siegal – I Am The Train

Robin Bibi & Tony Marten – Come On

Hermann Posch & Christian Sand – Devil’s Woman

Black Circles – I’m Leaving

Joe Bonamassa – You Shook Me

George Fearon – Instrumental

Amen Corner – Gin House Blues

The Pieces Of Mind – Judgement Day

Kat & Co – The Scene

Delta Blues Gang – Last Phone Call

Jorma Kaukonen – The Terrible Operation

Dave Ray – The Devil Got My Woman

Ernest Troost – Disturbin’ Blues

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip – Ramblified

24 Pesos – Won’t Lie Down

Joe Bonamassa – Killing Floor

Lee Ritenour feat. Joe Bonamassa – Give Me One Reason

Charlie Parr – Evil Companion

Laurence Jones – Soul Swamp River

Jackson C Franks – Here Come the Blues

Fred Neil – Yonder Comes the Blues

Half Deaf Clatch – Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Ron Sayer Jr. & Charlotte Joyce – Do You Love Me Like You Love Yourself

Broken Levee – Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home

Sean Webster – Hear Me Now

Bad Bob Bates – Cryin’ Time

Laura Holland Band – Forgive Me

The Travellin’ Brothers – Magnolia Route

John Alex Mason – Write Me A Few Of Your Lines

Charlie Patton – Mississippi Boll Weevil Blues

Rory Block – Twelve Gates To The City